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A few months ago, a friend told me about putting crystal inside your piss slit. Well, I got brave at a fisting party and took a pretty good sized piece of crystal and inserted into my urethra. I wear a pretty large PA ring so I had taken that out and then used it to push the crystal as far down inside my cock as I could. The results was FUCKING AMAZING! Well, once the burning stopped! LOL And it did burn, for about 2 to 3 minutes. All of the sudden, I no longer had tina dick! My cock got ROCK HARD, REALLY REALLY THICK and spit out copious amounts of precum. Normally at these fisting parties, I have tina dick too bad to even get up but HOLY SHIT, it was AWESOME! And for about three days after, my cock was thick and would get ROCK HARD anytime anything touched it!

Has anyone else done this?
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  • I've put liquid tina down my slit, same strength as I slam with. You have to hold you cock head so it doesn't come out and then I rub it in. You can also tie up your cock head so that it doesn't come out. Then you get someone to suck you cock or you then fuck someone with you cock and they get a nice surprise either way. Of course I've also slammed my cock, shaft, balls and ball sack with meth as well and not it the vein.
    My current fantasy is to set out a bottle of meth and a pack of syringes. At least 5 go into my cock, one in each sack, one on either side of the shaft and one in the head. Then slam them into me with my cock tied tight. hang me up and then pull out the needles, let the blood flow a bit..
    • Damn! I was JUST thinking about this as I did a bump into my cockhead! What a fucking scene...damn....last time I slammed into my shaft and cockhead, I didn't have regular points but these monster ones that you get the IM shots in the butt was so hot to 1) watch that BIG point enter my cockhead and/or shaft and then then when done with the T inject, ran the point thru to the other side! All while rushing...
    • @KINKYPETER-----Damn! I was JUST thinking about this as I did a bump into my cockhead! What a fucking scene...damn....last time I slammed into my shaft and cockhead, I didn't have regular points but these monster ones that you get the IM shots in the butt was so hot to 1) watch that BIG point enter my cockhead and/or shaft and then then when done with the T inject, ran the point thru to the other side! All while rushing...
  • This dose work and it is the best thing to happen to my cock since I stopped using condoms. I got myself a small syringe with out the point from the drug store. Took a few shards and mixed with water and the drew that up intp the syringe. Stuck the syringe deep in my slit and pushed the meth water down into my slit. This burned like hell but for a bit, but then my cock got fucking huge and and rock hard. This works try it.
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      I'd love to see you do it again on video..I'll send you my personal email. I've tried just sticking a shard down my urethra with a sound.. but nothing special happened. Maybe it wasn't large enough?
  • This also makes the precum you dribble like mad, magical meth juice. It will make your bottom very happy indeed. And this is a fun trick you can use when not really partying, as its not enough to get high off. It's only one little crystal. And boy does it go a long way. Amazing trick.
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      I tried this today and had no effect. It burned for a minute when I shoved a shard in, but no effect. I did start getting a slow roll going, but that's it. No extra precum and not extra hard. I used a sound to try to push it in, but it dissolved immediately. Would love to hear some direction on a better way to do this for the desired effect. Deeper? More? Liquify first?
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        that's basically the same thing that happened when I tried it (the exact same way with the sound).. burn, slow roll but no biggie, no raging hard on and no dripping precum.
  • Hell yes . Awesome as hell I put any where from a 1/4 to 1/2 gram rock down my cock as far as I can ,bout 6 ''' or so hold tight & let shit melt then bury my deep in gf pussy & let shit leak out in her puss , shit heats up real good in her cunt. Then its fuck & suck fun time for the next 6 hrs or more..
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      Do you have a video or something. I've tried it once and it was a small amount but burned like Hell. I still had Tina dick all night, but tons of precum. So I should try this 1st before doing more to avoid Tina dick? I don't know how much either. Just a small amount I'm thinking?
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    Hey bud. Can you tell me how much you used & just dry right? I have a pa too. I always get limp dick and after reading your post sounds like it maybe a solution. I can deal with the burning just don't know how much to use. Thanks for the help
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    Would love to try this. Love to chat more with someone about tips.
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      I've tries it several times but broke a shard up an deluded it with hot water. Just a couple of drops. I used an eye dropper to soak up the mixture. Put the deluded mixture in my piss hole. Put it pretty far down and let the mixture down. Felt intense!! Precum followed. 1 time my dick was hard. And I mean rock hard. Other times I couldn't get it up, but the following days my cock got rock hard. Don't put too much down there and I only recommend doing it once. I took a couple of pictures. But my cock isn't that big to begin with and while on Tina my shit shrivels up even more
      • I tried this tonight it did make me hard. I don't know if it was the shit or the idea of it. I was hard off and on for close to an hour. If I had extra I would do it again, but I promised to get a friend high so I am going to wait. Yeah I am generous like that, share the love cause you never know when your gonna need some love your way. I have the problem of not being able to obtain an erection. I don't know if its just something that happened over time or if its just the way its being made today but used to I could go all night and all day and not cum once and be horny as fuck but now I am horny I just can't stay hard. I have a friend and we both have the same source and we use and play together,will be doing the same stuff he gets horny and just wants to fuck all night and I am just limp dicked and I just offer him a helping hand or mouth; ) now not using I don't have this problem. My friend has also been upping his dose when he slams and he will sit there and blow a load in just seconds after being hit and he doesn't even touch himself and he still wants to keep going. I wish I could do that. Maybe I need some new scenery or new buds to slam with. I don't know what it is
  • Well, my bottom tried this about a week ago and he got in some serious trouble from it. Stuff was impure and burned the hell out of the inside of his cock, which got infection so bad that he had to go to the ER for hardcore antibiotics. If you have significant pain or discharge after playing this game go to the doctor or you may wind up losing your dick to gangrene.
  • I was also told about about inserting crystal by an online friend. At the time I was doing coke he suggested I try it, it was amazing my cock was addicted. I could not find any crystal for quite a while. When I did I could not wait as he told me it was much better and he was right. I would turn my cam on for him as I did when I was feeding my cock coke and I let him tell me how much to put in and I would get wild and pervy with him. There was no going back my cock loves to eat crystal. I recently found some and I put the largest piece in that would fit I like to get it nice and deep. I was home alone and had an amazing bate fest. My cock ate quite a bit and I cannot wait to feed him again. Like many of you my cock spits out a huge amount of precum when doing this. I would like to do this with someone as well. Most of my pals are not keen on doing this.
  • I just tried this... it is as fucking hot as you describe. The burn doesn't hurt... it is a slight inconvenience... leaking tonnes of precum.... decided to try a few different ways... so also disolved about a 1/4 gr and took a syringe with the needle removed (gonna buy a needleless one for next time) and pushed the whole barrel of the syringe into my slit... #1 I am definitely going to try sounding now... that was fucking hot feeling!!! #2 disolved T burns almost as much as the solid stuff #3 you definitely have to hold the liquid int here until it disolves but fuck is it a nice roll... not OMG in your face like a slam (I still love my slams) but very nice... and yea cock gets hard easier :)
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    I have an evening alone to kill so thought I'd try this again. Just popped a rather healthy size shard into my piss slit (about a pea size) and pushed it deep with a chop stick. Got a good buzz going. We'll see what happens. Open for pervy cam or chat if anyone sees this tonight. I am wildmaxthewolf on Skype and Yahoo.
  • Hey Kurtis, done it many times, bud crams slit full, then uses sound to work it down deep....keeps going til full, burns like hell, shards can make you it. As someone said: one mans' pain is another mans' pleasure. It's relative.
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      Ok guys. im freaking out! I tried this stuck a shard in piss slit and use a chopstick to put it in... now my piss slit (urethra).is red and swollen and it burns when i try to pee !! what do i do ? is it possible that i just stretched my slit hole out ?
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        I did the exact same thing, including the chop stick a few weeks ago. Don't panic. It's the chop stick, not the Tina. Just scraped it up in there. It will heal. Drink cranberry juice.

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