Curious about how meth compares to crack.

Timo Wed, July 31, 2013 - 5:29 AM by Timo

I've never used meth but always been fascinated by it. I smoked crack for more than 10 years, though, several times a week. I know what a really good crack hit feels like... the whole body orgasm thing. How does meth compare to crack, other than lasting a lot longer?

Re: Curious about how meth compares to crack.

ItsCloudyinSF Thu, August 1, 2013 - 4:37 PM by ItsClou...

---Instant euphoria (a high and a rush)
---Almost no inhibitions
---Most guys can't get a hard on
---Desire for non stop sex, even if it's just jacking your dick
---Inability to ejaculate
---Desire to keep partying all day and all night, or longer, and to party more often
---Your body tends to dehydrate, so you need to drink more water

Re: Curious about how meth compares to crack.

Timo Fri, August 2, 2013 - 5:55 AM by Timo

Interesting. I know that with really good crack, I would feel intense euphoria to the point of dancing around, kissing myself in the mirror, jerking off forever, and wanting to get fucked really bad. Strokin' my dick with lube was amazing....I'd be moaning and cumming constantly. But it's been a long time since I've had shit that good. I'm drawn to meth because of my early crack experiences....but how good is the meth high?

Re: Curious about how meth compares to crack.

ItsCloudyinSF Sun, August 4, 2013 - 5:45 PM by ItsClou...

In answer to your question: "How good is the meth high ?"
I definitely feel the euphoria.
It's good enough that I'd like to be doing it every day. But, if I do it too many days in a row, I start feeling paranoid and having hallucinations. And, that takes the fun out of it.
I haven't had a desire to dance around or kiss myself in the mirror, as you described.
But, it does make me super horned up.
It makes me love to show off on web cam, or spend a lot of hours in the sling at a sex club, getting fucked while other guys watch, or hook up with a top or tops for an all night or all weekend marathon session.
It lasts for about 12 hours. And, each time you do some more, that 12 hour high gets pushed out farther and farther.
For me it immediately switches me from being the guy watching other guys have fun, to BEING the guy who's having the most fun.

Re: Curious about how meth compares to crack.

Timo Sun, August 4, 2013 - 9:00 PM by Timo

Best I can tell, crack gives you a higher high, with a euphoria so strong it can make you bust out laughing involuntarily, the pleasure is so strong. Good shit will make you hear train whistles through your head, and then you just want to jerk off. You do get really horny but it's more of a private're perfectly happy to stroke off and think of your next hit even if others are in the room. Meth looks like it's more social, in that it eliminates your inhibitions and turns your ass into a dick vacuum. Less physical pleasure from the drug itself, but a lot more from the sex. Guess i won't know for sure until I get the chance to try it...but it's pretty rare around here, unlike on the west coast.

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Azerelus Mon, August 5, 2013 - 10:34 PM by Azerelus

Meth being what? Crank (which is cut with god only knows what) or Crystal (AKA, Shard, Ice, Glass). Crystal is the purer to purest form of methamphetamine. It is sort of clear and looks like shards of ice. IT has a definite crystalline shape. Crank is powdery and depending on what it is cut with can be white, yellow, pink - even blue and brown at times.

Also how are you planning on using it? Smoking, snorting, ingesting or IV use (slamming)?

I snorted crank for a long while before I got the nerve to slam it. I also smoked crack more than a few times. snorting crank and smoking crack is pretty much the same sort of long term experience, while you do get a decent rush with smoking (not with snorting) the legs on both can be similar. The tweak is also similar.

Slamming is a whole other ball park. If snorting or smoking is like being hit by a bicycle, then slamming is like being hit by a big rig truck.

The rush is many times more intense, that ringing in your ears is angelic singing, a whole choir of angles (or demons - ;-) ) start singing. Slamming in the left arm you have like 1 second before you are hit with the most intense rush ever. Its sort of like climaxing, all over your body. If it is really good you will feel it burning in your crotch, your anus and when it hits your lungs it takes your breath away.

Your eyes open up like never before, suddenly everything is brighter, everything is louder - you can swear you hear people talking a mile away!

For me, a good slam of crystal lead to instant wood - that warm burning sensation in the crotch, ass, taint, nuts would well up through my dick and often lead to me getting hard for a long while. It would piss other guys off who always got crystal dick. I understand that now there is Viagra which can be used to offset crystal dick.

I would do raves and dance literally all night long after slamming a quarter gram. Then I graduated to 30th of a gram, 1/2 gram and finally reached a gram a slam 'goal' - Mind the addictive aspect of the rush is something that drives a lot of people to looking for ways to increase/improve the rush.

I note in your other post here that you said:

--> "Good shit will make you hear train whistles through your head, and then you just want to jerk off. You do get really horny but it's more of a private're perfectly happy to stroke off and think of your next hit even if others are in the room."

That my friend is your tweak - Some people turn to picking lint off the floor, others turn to standing at the blinds looking for cops, others go to raves and dance all night long - you jack off.

I bet that if you used Crystal, especially IV use (slam it) you will have an experience very similar - tweak wise, in that you will be 'preoccupied' with your own dick to the exclusion of all else. Like porn? I bet you won't be able to stop watching looking at porn. Got a fantasy in your head you like to think about when jacking off - that fantasy will turn into a never ending fuck fest which will most likely grow in time to being some seriously depraved shit.

That train whistle effect is a change in blood pressure affecting your hearing, any good 'speed' type drug, coke, crank, crack, crystal, etc will cause that to happen.

Legs is something you can't just dismiss as in 'other than lasting a lot longer'. If you are into the rush, then Slamming a quarter gram is going to give you anywhere between 2-6 hours of rushing, then another 4-8 hours of serious tweaking, with another 4-8 hours of 'low tweaking' That last part is usually where people go nuking futs and start doing strange shit.

That thinking about the next hit is a bad tweak to get into. Seriously stop that. That sort of tweak becomes a 'chasing the bag' sort of thing that will take over the more fun activities such as jacking off.

If you are looking to switch to crystal (not crank) I would strongly suggest that you first practice with plain water in a needle. Learn how to hit the vein (you can feel when a needle is in the vein) and learn how to draw back a little blood and to inject the water in the needle without moving the needle to where you go through a vein.

Do that a few times until you get a good idea of how to hit your vein.

Your first dose should be half of a quarter. Seriously, crystal is powerful shit. A lot of people on their first time out get scared because its so over powering.

Relax and enjoy it, get a feel for the rush, get a feel for the legs and how it makes you feel.

Seriously stock up on sports drinks. Have them handy and force yourself to sip Gatorade while tweaking. Your going to be going at least 12 hours without pissing, but doing a lot of sweating.

If you are using an insulin needle units - you want at least 30 of water to melt down your crystal in. This will make if fluid enough to where it won't clog the needle and cause you to have to use a lot of pressure to drive the plunger home.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. This is the second most important thing you need to do when using crystal meth. The first important thing you need to do is pace yourself. Go no more than two slams at a time - 12 hours after your first slam. Do let yourself crash and sleep. Honestly the real problem with the paranoia and mental damage is the lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation is the real demon in these matters.

If you are going to needle use then you need to get your own needles. Stick to fresh, clean personal needles. While you can slam with the same needle a few times, I wouldn't do it more than 6 times. The point get dull which can thrash the vein.

Also, between the time you slam and the rush hits, you have about 2 seconds of functioning time - that is not enough time for you to properly care for your needle, rinse it, cap it and put it in a safe place.

If you are going to use the same needle a few times, then get rubbing alcohol. After your done tweaking (after you crash), draw up a full barrel of rubbing alcohol and let it sit over night. Also rest the needle in a glass with some rubbing alcohol, make certain that the point is resting on a cotton ball. Rinse with plain water the next morning by drawing up water and pushing it out several times. THROW OUT the used rubbing alcohol.

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Jimmy Tue, August 6, 2013 - 6:36 PM by Jimmy

Wow... that has got to be one of the most competent, comprehensive and easily digestible FAQs on meth I have ever come across. And I've read tons! I think you and I need to talk off-line. Thanks for lending your experience!